Thursday, January 15, 2009


In the grand scheme of Social- Economic Planning for the world’s future, revolution is not a viable concept. The same is true of armed conflict. A new modality must assert itself and it must come from the hearts and minds of each individual. This new modality, when embraced will be nothing short of EVOLUTIONARY.

The so called Civilized Nations must lead this emerging evolution and serve not only as the example to follow, but also must be the enablers for the less fortunate who are hungry. Those who are hungry must first be fed. To feed them we all must reorient our personal value structure. We must evolve beyond the “Consumer” ethic.

Consuming, has for years, transcended all basis of need in the civilized nations. Suffice to say that owning the object being purchased is not any longer an issue. Nearly all these objects are within a week already relegated to the trash bin, under the kid’s bed, or crammed into the garage. Quite often the garage is insufficient to hold all this stuff, so a mini-storage space is rented to sit alongside the boat you haven’t used in six years, but are still paying for. The feeling of self worth and power that comes from the act of consuming has become an addiction that pervades all strata of society. The rich do it, the poor do it, and the middle classes do it to the extreme. Why? Because we can.

Well, we can’t any more, or at least to the level we previously indulged in. It is time for a little “Cold Turkey” and this is being forced upon us by the prevailing economic climate which is finally being acknowledged as a “Recession.” What is a recession? Do you remember in third grade, we had “recess.” Webster’s II declares that a recess is “a temporary halt in usual activities.” Well, that pretty well covers it! Now we all can take a little recess and begin to evolve a bit.

To become part of the Evolution, we need to stop shopping so much. In the last few months this has probably already taken care of itself. We are probably also experiencing a little more spare time on our hands. Wow! Now what will we do? Remember recess?

When you were a kid, you did not have to buy a good time. We all could have a good time just playing. We didn’t even need anything to plug in, to have a good time. What now? The answer is to DO THINGS. Do what ever makes you HAPPY. Certainly you can figure it out for yourself, but if a little heads up is preferred, it is time to SIMPLIFY.

When we simplify, we continue to consume, only we focus on the basic needs I.E. food, clothing, and shelter. The economists don’t have to freak out. The country will survive. There will just be a lot less of the junk that wastes our time after a few months of shaking out.

Now that we are not wasting all that time spending all our money, and working three jobs, we can stop competing and start NURTURING. When we fully realize that we do not need all that stuff, we can begin to SHARE. There is even time to HELP OTHERS, and that brings us back full circle to feeding others, which is the true bottom line of:

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